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YMCA Fitness Programs Waltham MA

Local resource for evaluating YMCA fitness programs in Waltham. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to YMCA fitness programs, team sports, martial arts, group fitness and personal trainers, as well as advice on weight loss and exercise routines.

Waltham Youth Hockey
(781) 647-9446
295 Totten Pond Rd
Waltham, MA
Boston Tae Kwon DO Academy
(781) 642-1305
308 Moody St
Waltham, MA
Bay Colony Club
(781) 890-5797
1000 Winter St Ste 1300
Waltham, MA
Work Out World
(781) 893-1100
41 Seyon Street
Waltham, MA
Pilates A Fitness Studio
(781) 899-8993
681 Main St
Waltham, MA
Prospect Hill Fitness Center
(781) 890-2114
100 5th Ave # Ll
Waltham, MA
(781) 899-7427
241 Moody St
Waltham, MA
Bay Colony Club
(781) 890-5797
1000 Winter St # 1300
Waltham, MA
Oom Yung Doe the School of
(781) 893-7555
348 Moody St
Waltham, MA
Planet Fitness
(781) 891-6002
108 Clematis Ave # K
Waltham, MA


Originally founded as a Christian association, the Y has expanded beyond its name in the U.S., now welcoming all faiths. Half of its 20.2 million members are female. There are more than 2,600 YMCAs in the United States, run by 967 independently run YMCA associations across the nation.

There are many different metro/city YMCA associations. YMCAs are very localized in nature and their programs vary from location to location. However, one recent development that is national in nature is a new strategic plan that sees the organization as America's main fitness and obesity crusader. The Y is now aggressively expanding health-related initiatives, most notably through a program called Activate America.

New Activate America Program...

Hundreds of local YMCAs nationwide are retraining staff, redesigning facilities and revising activities to better serve millions of Americans that find it hard to stick to diet and fitness programs. So far, 370+ of the Y's associations (of 967 total) have joined Activate America. The YMCA's new direction was first tested in Pittsburgh, PA. There, programs were designed to help people establish healthier lifestyles, and an after-school program was also offered. 3 days a week, every child in the plan gets a structured exercise program plus information on healthy eating and snacking.

The YMCA of greater Pittsburgh has a similar program for teens, a corporate wellness program, and another for senior citizens. The YMCA of greater New York has a new 12-week personalized exercise program, free to members, with 4 individual sessions with a fitness coach...

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