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Stress Management Programs Sioux Falls SD

Local resource for evaluating stress management programs in Sioux Falls. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to stress counseling and stress management programs, as well as advice on stress relief, meditation, breathing exercises, self improvement, personal growth, self-esteem and happiness.

Stress Management

What does stress management have to do with successful weight loss? A lot. as it turns out. Stress is pervasive in our society today and levels are rising, not getting better. A person’s state of mind and psychological well being directly impacts their decisions about food choices. People may eat more when stressed, or eat "comfort" foods that hamper their weight loss efforts. If their spouse or family or work situation causes them ongoing stress, this is another obstacle to be overcome before successful weight loss and weight maintenance can take place.

The psychological component of the weight loss formula is just as important as the nutrition and exercise components. That’s the whole basis behind Dr. Phil’s best-selling diet book and weight loss program (Ultimate Weight Solution). Tackle your inner self before beginning a weight loss diet.

How Widespread Is Stress?

The Seventh Annual Labor Day Survey

The vast majority of American workers say they are stressed, more than a third say that their job is harming their physical or emotional well-being, 42% say job pressures are interfering with their family or personal lives, and half report more demanding workloads than they had a year ago.

Those are among the main conclusions of "Attitudes in the American Workplace VII," the seventh annual Labor Day poll by the Marlin Company, a North Haven, CT, workplace communications firm.

The telephone survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, also showed that roughly half of workers (48%) say that they at least sometimes have too many unreasonable deadlines and/or too much work to do and that 42% feel they sometimes, rarely or never have adequate control or input over their work duties.

What causes the majority of stress in your life? 28% said workplace demands; 21% family or personal demands; 42% said both equally; 8% said neither, and 2 % said they don’t feel stressed. Those who said that workplace demands cause the bulk of their stress are much more likely to have high (i.e., negative) scores on the Workplace Stress Scale™ than those who say more of their stress comes from family or personal demands...

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