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South Beach Dietitians Windham ME

Local resource for South Beach dietitians in Windham. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to the South Beach diet program, South Beach recipes, healthy wine, and South Beach diet books, as well as advice and content on other low-carb diets.

Kendall Scott Wellness
(207) 319-7747
76 Woodland Rd
Durham, ME
Diet(ician) / weightloss

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Dona Forke, LD, MS, RD
(207) 221-6508
Wellness Associates210 Rolling Hill Dr
Naples, ME
Jennifer J Quimby, RD
207-324-5762 x 9020
York County Community Action6 Spruce St
Sanford, ME
Phyllis Havens, MS, RD
(207) 862-2349
60 Kennebec Road
Hampden, ME
Dorothy J Klimis-Zacas, RD
(207) 581-3124
University of Maine Hitchner Hall Rm. 107
Ohio, ME
Debbie Pepper Dougherty, LD, RD
(207) 854-3663
lmouth Family Practice5 Bucknam Rd
Falmouth, ME
Kendall Scott Wellness
(207) 319-7747
76 Woodland Rd
Durham, ME
Diet(ician) / weightloss

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Debbie Pepper Dougherty, LD, RD
(207) 854-3663
lmouth Family Practice5 Bucknam Rd
Falmouth, ME
Beth J Williams, LD, MS, RD
(207) 284-4586
Philomene S Center Nutrition Consultants407 Alfred St
Biddeford, ME
Ellen M Molloy, CDE, MS, RD
(207) 596-8537
Penobscot Bay Medical Center Diabetes and Nutrition Care Center#6 Glen Cove
Rockport, ME
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South Beach Diet

Type Program: 

low carbohydrate plan

Type of Foods Used: 

regular grocery store foods

At-Home or Direct Mail Plan Available? 




The South Beach Diet is one of the most popular
low-carb diet plans to appear on the American weight loss scene, around mid-2003. The book was written by Dr. Arthur Agatston, director of the Mount Sinai Cardiac Prevention Center in Miami Beach, Florida.

The South Beach Diet has more than 8 million copies
in print, says publisher Rodale Press. From the original book, there are now 6
or 7 books, including holiday cookbooks and other dining guides. The web site has
500,000 "members". In addition, a line of South Beach Diet foods (breakfast,
lunch, dinner, snack items) have been created by Kraft, sold in supermarkets,
online and in other retailers. Dr. Agatston said he has been working on a diet for his heart patients since the mid-1990s.

How The Plan Works

The South Beach Diet
teaches you to rely on the right carbohydrates and the right fats (the good ones) and enables you to live quite happily without the bad carbohydrates and bad fats. Like the Atkins diet, Dr. Agatston is concerned about the glycemic index of foods, or how fast the body turns them into sugars, because high-index foods make you hungry.

Also like Atkins, Agatston wants dieters to avoid all pasta, bread, potatoes, sweet things and alcohol during the first two weeks. After that, unlike Atkins and many other low-carbohydrate diets,
The South Beach Diet encourages you to return to eating fruits and breads. For fruits, the doctor lists apples, oranges and cantaloupe as good. Bananas, watermelon and pineapples are to be avoided.

Unlike Atkins, however, Agatston warns dieters to stay away from saturated fats such as butter, hamburger and bacon and shift to monounsaturated fats such as olive oil and fish that contains omega-3 fatty acids.

As in the Atkins diet, The South Beach Diet is divided into phases:

  • Phase 1… lasts 14 days, the strictest phase. The goal here is to eat three balanced meals per day, and to eat enough so that you don’t feel hungry all the time. Expected weight loss in this phase is 8-13 pounds.

  • Phase 2… lasts until you reach goal weight, a more liberal phase. This phase is similar to the first, but you reintroduce some of the banned foods and eat from all the dietary food groups. Expected weight loss is 1-2 lbs. per week.

  • Phase 3… this is the weight maintenance phase, an even more liberal v...

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