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Plus Sized Clothing Fort Thomas KY

This page provides useful content and local businesses that can help with your search for Plus Sized Clothing. You will find helpful, informative articles about Plus Sized Clothing, including "Clothing and Weight Loss". You will also find local businesses that provide the products or services that you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Fort Thomas, KY that will answer all of your questions about Plus Sized Clothing.

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E-Z Cash Pawn
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807 Monmouth St
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10 & 18 West 4th Street
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001 (513) 941-7720
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a pea in the pod.

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Clothing and Weight Loss

Clothing & Weight Loss


Gaining weight or losing weight can turn into an expensive proposition for many women. If you lose a significant amount of weight, you can wind up needing a new wardrobe, or at least taking in some of your clothes for alterations. If you gain weight, you could have trouble finding fashionable clothes and styles you want in your size. Many large women are forced to search for the "plus size" departments of local retailers, or find specialty stores or websites catering to women of their size. The fashion industry is biased toward smaller sizes, so it can be a real dilemma. BestDietForMe analysts have tried to help you with the report below, if you fall into the latter category.

Plus Size Clothing

Much of the fashion industry, whose ads portray ultra thin models, caters to ultra thin people. In fact, although 60% of American women are size 12 or over, only 30% of the space in department stores is devoted to "plus sizes".

Clothing that is available to plus size individuals is very limited in style and quality.  Most plus size clothing is frumpy, not to mention more expensive than ‘normal’ sized clothing.  However, companies are starting to recognize the demand for stylish, plus size clothing.  Now, plus size individuals have more of a selection.  Baggy, frumpy clothes are being replaced with trendy styles that are common in smaller sizes.

Retailers have found the switch from frumpy to fashionable plus size clothing quite profitable, such as Elizabeth by Liz Claiborne.

Market analysts claim that there are two kinds of plus size women:

1) Those who accept their weight as-is.

2) Smaller plus size women for whom their weight is a temporary phenomenon (i.e., a women has a baby, gains weight, and never loses it).  They don’t associate themselves as plus size.  These women see themselves as overweight and might actually have two or three wardrobes, one for when they were thinner, and one for their overweight phase.  These women are concerned about weight loss and are frequent customers of commercial weight loss programs. 

Clothing experts that the clothing industry usually makes garments based on the measurements of a size 6 model, then grades it up to larger sizes.  However, the larger you size up a garment, the greater the chance for error.  Until recently, the plus size market did not use size 14 models.  Consequently, clothing of the same size could vary three to four sizes between manufacturers.

The reason why there are so many Internet-based companies in this market is partially due to the logistics of retail stores.  Plus size clothes take up more room and plus size customers require larger dressing rooms.  Therefore, a retailer can’t stock as many g...

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