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Dietitians Manchester NH

Local resource for evaluating dieticians in Manchester. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to dieticians, nutritionists, nutrition programs, meal plans, portion control, vitamins and dietary supplements, as well as advice on healthy eating habits and weight loss.

Audrey Lynn Anastasia Kanik, MS, RD
(603) 533-4937
Springfield College500 Commercial Street
Manchester, NH
Connie J Rieser, RD
(603) 893-5274
8 Cristy Rd
Windham, NH
Hilary Warner, RD
(603) 223-8119
Nutrition Works LLC18 N Main St Ste 304
Concord, NH
Ann M Merritt, LD, MS, RD
603-357-3848 x121
Food Matters Nutrition Counseling196 Main St
Keene, NH
Carol B French, CDE, LD, MS, RD
(603) 650-8630
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center1 Medical Center Dr
Lebanon, NH
Kimberly Edith Dorval, RD
(603) 627-6887
Nutrition in Motion82 Palomino Lane Ste 501
Bedford, NH
Clarissa S London, RD
(603) 889-8188
Nutrition ETC Corp15 Tanguay Ave
Nashua, NH
Markit Health, LLC
(800) 892-9794
800 Islington Street
Portsmouth, NH
Diet(ician) / weightloss

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Jane M Hackett, CDE, CDN, RD
(603) 580-6778
Exeter Hospital
Exeter, NH
Gita Patel, MS, RD
(603) 643-3930
7 Partridge Road
Etna, NH
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Diet Phone Counseling

These consultants' clients are taken care of over the phone and then have access to the website and the toll-free numbers. Once a month, the consultant has a cooking class in her home or community center, just like the company has in their Florida clinics.

Don't assume that all of these consultants have a formal nutritionist certification (by the Certified Board for Nutrition Specialties, other other trade groups), or are dietitians. They are not. However, the fact that they do pay a substantial fee and must be trained in person by the company's degreed staff does say something about their quality and integrity.


Personal Training By Phone


Telephone fitness trainers seem to be the hot new trend lately, in an effort to save weight and fitness-conscious consumers time and money. It seems to work, at least according to a recent Stanford University article entitled: "Telephone-Assisted Counseling for Physical Activity." Researchers conclude that phone counseling is convenient and gives participants greater access to counselors and promotes physical activity for those who may not be responsive to face-to-face training.


There is even an Association of Fitness by Phone Coaches (www.fitnessbyphone.com). 60 new trainers joined the association in the past year, the largest increase in the group's history. Member companies of this group claim to be getting inundated with calls from women aged 35-55 who are too busy, too unmotivated or too frustrated to exercise. (These are also the same women who have made the Curves for Women health club chain one of the fastest growing fitness companies around.)


The service involves one 20-minute phone call per week. This motivational call, combined with the accountability factor and measurable goals, seems to make it all work. Customers must maintain an exercise diary. Clients may also call for in-between session pep talks. Usually, clients wear monitors on their waistbands that record how many calories they burn per day. When they exercise, they wear heart rate monitors. Each week they follow individual exercise goals, record what they've eaten, how many calories they burned per day and what their exercise heart rates were. The day before a scheduled call, clients must fax these records to the coach, who reviews it and develops the next week's strategy.


How much does this fitness phone counseling cost? About $50 per session, according to the company Fitness by Phone®. Other companies in this emerging market are People Fit USA (www.peoplefitusa.com) and Flexible Fitness, both California-based firms. Most fitness pho...

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There are roughly 70,000 practicing registered dietitians (RDs) in the United States today. It's estimated that at least 30% of them offer some type of weight loss service.Dietitians may offer weight loss counseling services or "compete" with other providers via the following channels or affiliations....
  • As individual RDs, or those in group practices, serving their own clients
  • Affiliated with a hospital, medical center or clinic
  • Working for corporations
  • Giving talks or workshops at health clubs, for their members
  • Being a speaker or "consultant" that is contracted to give seminars for commercial or medically supervised weight loss programs, or being on the medical advisory board of such a company
  • An affiliation with a special eating disorder facility or residential treatment center such as Structure House, Duke University Diet & Fitness Center, etc.

  • An affiliation with the luxury residential spas across the nation (approx. 1,800 spas exist).

    Is an RD right for you? That depends. RDs don’t "sell" anything - they educate. That’s one advantage of an RD - they have no specific diet company’s plan to push, since the plan is built around you, the client, not vice versa. Another plus--RDs have a 4-year degree and go through a mandatory internship. This higher level training and degree may be compared to "nutritionists" (almost anyone can call themselves one). Dietitians also must pass a registration exam and pursue continuing education requirements of the ADA. They are truly nutrition professionals and have much more nutrition training than your typical MD. They are also considered healthcare professionals and can prescribe medications, including weight loss drugs.

    Weight Loss Programs RDs Provide: Typical Plans & Costs

    Typical RD counseling costs range from $35-150 per hr., although group sessions are substantially less. Private consultations generally run $65/hr., $35 for one-half hour. An RD program relies on regular grocery store (not diet company food), and lifestyle changes.

    With an RD, weight loss or dieting per se may not even be mentioned to clients. Rather, it’s couched in terms of healthy, low fat eating and educating the public to make better food choices. An RD will first determine your "body mass index" (BMI), a calculation based on your weight and your height and then assess your weight loss goals and map out a personal and customized plan for a safe and realistic amount of weight to lose per week.

    Most RD programs last for a number of weeks or sessions....

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    We do NOT operate a weight loss program. We simply help you find the best diets for YOUR needs. The information on this web site is intended for information purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Always seek healthy weight loss and balanced nutrition. Before starting any weight loss program consult your physician.

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